So this is just as the title of this post says.. yes I know I have been inactive for the past little while, and I have tried to find the time to update and move the estate along somehow but my RL is pretty crazy right now so I don't know how often or if at all I will be able to update within the next month. I am sorry to everyone I have recently purchased foals and horses from as they will not be shown anytime soon, but I am not leaving and they will not just fade away.
I will be returning, and it will not be to far off but for the next month or so I will be fairly inactive and I am sorry :( Hope everyone is having a good time with shows and such!

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    Equestrian Estate breeds American Paints, and American Quater Horses.

    (Keep in mind this is a sims 3 barn and we are not actually training and selling real horses)