That's right, I have gotten my computer fixed and my game sort of working. I have to rebuild the barns I had just finished and put my family into a town, but I had all of my sims and horses backed up that they were not lost. Except.... two of our newer horses, and I can't seem to find the file for are lost. Our little new forest pony, SAEC One Last Song and one of our new paint mares SAEC Knight of the Dark. We are sad because of the lost but the majority has been saved so that is a bonus. So like last time it is still going to take a little to get the estate up and running but it will get there soon. :)

In other news our big dapple grey quater horse, Hocus Pocus has taken first place in the cross country division of Drovers Run All Breed Stallion Show! The other horses we entered in the shows didn't do as well but there placings are as follows.

Drovers Run All Breed Stallion Show
Hocus Pocus - 1st (cross country division)
Canadian Mist - 5th (western division)
Hop Scotch - 9th (western division)

Drovers Run All Breed Mare Show
Chasing Gold - 4th (western division)
Chestnut Rose - 10th (western division)

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