So we have went and adopted yet another little foal. But this one I just couldn't resist! Her barn name was already choosen as Whiskey and as you know my Quater horse Canadian Mist also has the barn name Whiskey... so why do I gravitate to this you ask? Well my real quater horse's barn name is Whiskey. So this little filly named SCS Story Of A Gun, is from Smart Color Stables december foal crop. This stable also bred our little SCS/EE Last Chance DJ. You can find their link on my affiliates page, and I suggest you go and take a look at their foal crop before they are all gone :)

So in other news our little colt WBEC/EE Cloud of Diamonds has taken first place in Stride Away Equestrian Centers Foal show, and SCS/EE Last Chance DJ has taken 3rd place. We are so proud of the little foals!

We are thinking of trying to adopt one more little foal we have fell in love with, but what do you all think? Should we leave her for someone else in the community, or try for another adoption? :p

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