I have solved the mystery problem to my game so I am back in buisness but I still will not be posting or on as often, but for now I have uploaded more pictures to the site and here is a pic of Breezy and Milli (night shot)

So I was going through the regular process, start up my game, load my family add my new horse, but then my game lagged, and now I am having a major problem with it. So in saying this, I will not be posting for a while or until I get this fixed.. I also start again in a week so I won't be on as much as I have been. I will try and keep you posted but my game is not working right now :(


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    Equestrian Estate breeds American Paints, and American Quater Horses.

    (Keep in mind this is a sims 3 barn and we are not actually training and selling real horses)