*UPDATE* Well after updating my game to the latest version I am experiencing problems loading my game and exporting pets.... so with that here comes the bad news :( My foal crop is put on hold until I have debug my bugs, sad but hey it is what it is...

So I know this is out a little late and I haven't been on here in a while but I did warn everyone of my absence. But as of now I will be releasing the pairings for my September foal crop. It will be small like the last one with only 3 foals again. So without further babling here is the pairings:
RIWS/EE West Delight x MSE/EE Jail Break
EE Nearing Millicent x MSE/EE Jail Break
MSE/EE Positively Platinum x EE Canadian Mist
So this crop should be released no later than the 8th as that is when applications will be open for these future prospects. Keep an eye out for these little foals. :)


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