So we here at Equestrian Estate have been busting our butts with training, and getting the horses comfortable with their newly hired handlers, but lucky for us and I suppose you we are going to be able to put out a foal crop in atleast 2 weeks. :) Yes our mares and stallions are young, but they have been excelling in their training and we are ready for our first bunch of little foals. There will only be 3 foals born (enless we get blessed with twins), as we don't have to many horses at the estate. The following pairs will be for our mid month crop:
Wow 2 posts in one day, don't get used to it. :) But in more news along with the crop news, new pictures are up for all of our horses. Take a look at PBE/EE Revised Dark and LEC/EE Lake of Thorns new adult photos, some are quite interesting to say the least.


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    Equestrian Estate breeds American Paints, and American Quater Horses.

    (Keep in mind this is a sims 3 barn and we are not actually training and selling real horses)