So as the title of this post says, it has been quite crazy around here. We are currently in the process of getting a few of our horses for possible registery's, and training. We have also entered Second Chance Stables, Saddle Up fundraiser, which should be fun, we still have to choose the perfect horse for the course (if you have a sugestion on a one of our horses to use tell me in the cbox!) but we have no doubt whoever runs in will be great.

As a trial run for Breezy, or mustang mare we had one of the family friends come over and give her a go on barrels. She has been very responsive to being riden and we wanted to give it a go and she did fairly well, a few rounds in. It was nothing extensive, just cantering around the barrels.

In news on the foal crop, we have sent of EE Swirled Chrome to Piper Bonita Equestrian Sims, so we still have a colt, and a filly. We also still have our appy mare availabe for adoption, so hopefully you or someone you know is interested.


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    Equestrian Estate breeds American Paints, and American Quater Horses.

    (Keep in mind this is a sims 3 barn and we are not actually training and selling real horses)