That's right, all of our mixed bred beauties are finally sold. Our only little filly is moving on to join EE/LEC Sprayed In Color at Lunar Equestrian Centre!

Training is going well at the estate and all horses are progressing very well. We are going to begin showing some of our younger horses at the local shows to see how they do and our PBE/EE Ghost Buster has a big race coming up in a few weeks! We are hoping he does well, as he has already won a few small time races and friendly races around our own track at the estate.

So other than all that news, their isn't muh to say other than we are doing well and hope that all of our little foals are hapy in their new homes! :)


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    Equestrian Estate breeds American Paints, and American Quater Horses.

    (Keep in mind this is a sims 3 barn and we are not actually training and selling real horses)